Getting Ready to Ship? Here are some things you need to know...



Remember that you must stay in the hotel the night before you are scheduled to ship out to training. Contact your Recruiter for information on the time they will pick you up.

What to wear: You must wear long pants, sleeved shirt, full coverage underwear (females - sports bra) socks and tennis shoes.


What to bring: You must bring your original SSN card, Military ID (if you have one) and Valid Drivers License or other form of picture ID. You will need your check book and ATM card (make sure you know your PIN!) and at least $25 in cash (no more than $50) If you have graduated high school since you enlisted bring a copy of your diploma. If you are married you will need a copy of your spouse's SSN card and picture ID. If you own your home or are currently renting/leasing you need to bring a notarized copy of your mortgage or rental/lease agreement with you to training and a copy of a utility bill for that address that is in YOUR name.

Females - If you are taking prescription BC ensure that you bring a current, original copy of your prescription with you to training.

See below for a more specific packing list. Remember that you will receive an advance in your pay to purchase enough items to make it all the way thought BCT. You do not need to bring it all with you. Just enough to last about 1 week.

What NOT to bring: Any over the counter medications; weapons of any kind; food; pornographic materials; perfume/cologne sprays, lotions or oils; cosmetics; expensive razors and/or electric shavers; pets; family members; POV's; expensive personal items or tobacco products. 


When you graduate from training: By regulation you must contact SGT Brown within 72 hours of graduation in order to set up an appointment to in process. You will have to come in ACU's and bring all paperwork and issued clothing/equipment for a showdown inspection. This appointment is your responsibility so be prepared to have your own transportation. Do not count on your recruiter to bring you. You can not in process during drill weekend. This appointment will be scheduled during the week. Additionally, you are required to attend the first scheduled drill after you graduate training.


Packing List for Basic Training Soldiers


If you already have these items and they are clean and serviceable, then you do not have to buy them. It is not mandatory that you bring these items with you to the training base. You will receive an advanced payment when you arrive at the training base to purchase the required items you do not have.

These items are required for health, welfare and personal needs while in training IAW AR 612-201, table 2-3. 



1.      White socks (crew length, NO logo or stripes)

2.      Eyeglasses holding strap (If you wear glasses, NO Contacts)

3.      Shaving razor (with two weeks supply of blades)

4.      Shaving cream "Travel Size"

5.      Toothbrush, Toothbrush case, Toothpaste  "Travel Size"

6.      One bar of soap, soap dish "Travel Size"

7.      Shampoo "Travel Size"

8.      Shower shoes

9.      Deodorant

10.  Two (2) Combinations locks or Pad lock/s with Two (2) keys.  

11.  Pocket size notebook "Travel Size"

12.  Black ink pens Three (3) each

13.  Writing paper and envelopes

14.  Postage stamps

15.  Address book "Travel Size"

16.  Laundry marker

17.  Civilian clothes (Two days worth)

18.  Set of workout clothes with Tennis shoes

19.  Nail clippers "Travel Size"

20.  ATM Card

21.  *Drivers license (Military ID / Picture ID) and Social Security Card*

24.  Phone card (optional)

25.  $50.00 in cash

If you are married you must have the following:

26. **Copy of Marriage license and a Copy of your Spouse’s Social Security Card, Birth Certificate & Photo ID**



Questions prior to BCT:


1.       Did you graduate High School?

2.       Have you received any law violations since enlistment?

3.       Has anything changed with your medical history?

4.       Any changes to your marital/dependant status since enlistment?

If you answered no to question 1 and/or yes to any other contact your recruiter or RSP cadre ASAP!


You will be granted a $250.00 pay advance on the first day at Reception Battalion to purchase items that are required for training.



Running shoes will be purchased at the Reception Battalion.