Customs & Courtesies to be Adhered by at Drill


The following will be adhered by each drill. If you have any questions please contact your recruiter



RSP: Recruit Sustainment Program

RRNCO: Recruiting & Retention NCO (aka: Recruiter)

RSP-C: RSP-Coordinator (SGT Brown)

Warrior: Det 4 RSP unit members. Until you are handed off to your unit, after completion of RSP you are an RSP Warrior

NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer (ranks SGT through CSM)

RSP Cadre: RRNCO’s, RSP-C, RSP-C Assistant & MSG




Warriors will not go anywhere on the facility without a battle buddy of the same gender. 


No warrior will approach any cadre member at anytime without a battle buddy of the same gender.


Cadre members will be addressed by rank or rank and last name. For example “Sergeant Smith may I ask a question…..” or “Sergeant may I ask a question…”


Warriors will not approach MSG Ramos without being directed or invited. Warriors will speak first with their RRNCO unless the situation deems otherwise. 


When speaking to any NCO (E-5 and above) the warrior speaking and their battle buddy will stand at parade rest.


Warriors will carry a photo ID on them at all times


NO TOBACCO USE (of any kind) BY WARRIORS AT ANY TIME ON THE FACILITY. RSP Drill is a “tobacco free” zone.


No cellular phone/pager use during duty hours. If you have an emergency situation in which you will need to be contacted while at drill you must obtain approval from MSG Ramos (through your RRNCO) to have your phone on you. Otherwise…..leave it in the car or at home.


No jewelry. The only exception is a sports watch for PT and/or a wedding band if you are married.


Warriors will carry a water bottle at all times during drill. This is part of your uniform. It is recommended that you have your rank and name on this water bottle (i.e. PVT Smith or PV2 Smith, James) for easy identification.


When an NCO enters a room the first warrior to see the NCO will call “AT EASE” loud enough for all to hear. Everyone will then immediately stop what they are doing and come to the position of parade rest until the NCO leaves or directs you to “carry on.”


When an Officer enters a room the first warrior to see the officer will call “ATTENTION” loud enough for all to hear. Everyone will then immediately stop what they are doing and come to the position of attention until the officer leaves or directs you to “carry on.”


CHOW LINE:  When in the chow line all warriors will be at the position of parade rest. There is no speaking in the chow line until you are in front of the food service NCO, telling them the last four of your SSN. Speak clearly and loud enough to be easily heard/understood. When signing the chow roster, your non-signing hand will remain behind your back. Do not place this hand on the table.


CLASSROOM:  No “side bar” conversations will be tolerated during any block of instruction. If you have input to share raise your hand and wait until called upon. When called upon stand at the position of parade rest and then speak. Once done speaking sit back down. If at any point you become tired and feel unable to stay awake while seated, quietly stand up from your seat and move to a position in the room so that you are not blocking another’s view and so that you can also still clearly hear/see the speaker. Once you feel awake enough, quietly sit back down.


Parking Lot/Vehicle Access: After the completion of PT and once you have showered/changed over, place all items in your vehicle (or the vehicle you came in). You will NOT at any point be permitted back to the vehicle until you are released for the day. If you need to get something from the vehicle you must obtain permission first from a cadre member. Warriors will remain in the building at all times unless otherwise directed by a cadre member. No “hanging out” outside of the building is authorized. Place items in your vehicle and immediately return to the building for further instructions.