Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is an every day thing!! Please ensure that you are improving daily on your phsical fitness. If you only do PT when you are at drill you will fall behind and have a more difficult time at drill and at training. If you need tips on what to do and/or workout schedules, please contact your recruiter.


You must pass the PT Assessment prior to shipping! Standards are as follows:

You have one minute for pushups and one minute for situps:

Males: 17 pushups and 17 situps

Females: 3 pushups and 17 situps

You must also complete a 1 mile run:

Males Faster than 8:30 (8min 30sec)

Females Faster than 10:30 (10min 30sec)


If you are a Green Phase warrior (split op) you must pass the full APFT prior to shipping to AIT please click on the below link for standards.