Tuition Assistance


Log onto Education Service Office website to apply for your Federal and State TA.


Federal Tution Assistance -

State Tution Assistance - Set up account on  / submit course information to:

NCTAP Application Step-by-Step instructions on How to Appy through CFNC-P.pdf (5,3 MB)

Always file BOTH State and Federal TA applications, you MUST APPLY FOR FTA FIRST IN ORDER FOR YOUR NCTAP APPLICATION TO BE PROCESSED. The education office will determine the best one to file depending on available funds. Pay attention to the deadlines! If you file late, your TA application will NOT be processed and you'll be paying out of pocket and will not be reimbursed.


Federal TA and State TA applications can not be submitted until 30 days prior to the 1st day of your class.  You have up to the 20th day prior to the 1st day of your class to get your State TA application submitted.  You will receive notification via your AKO account, be sure to keep your password up to date.

The Education Service Office is located at the new JFHQ building off of Reedy Creek Road. Phone # 919-664-6272 




GI Bill chp 1606 and MGIB Kicker

 Upon completion of AIT, you are eligible for your GI Bill and/or GI Bill Kicker.  Be sure you in process w/ SGT Brown w/in 72 hrs of graduation, so your files can be verfied and updated to receive your NOBE (Eligiblity form for your GI Bill).  Approximately, 2 to 3 weeks from being in processed your NOBE will be issued. You may email the State GI Bill Manager via email @ to request a copy of your NOBE or contact SGT Brown for assistance.  Then turn in your NOBE w/ the VA office at your college to initiate your GI Bill.



1.  Kicker is in addition to GI BILL benefit for 36 months at the full time rate.

2.  Kicker MUST be signed at time of enlistment

3.  Cannot use Kicker until completion of IADT.

3.  Kicker rates can be found in your Kicker contract.