January 21 -22 2012

10/11/2010 19:31


Be at Armory NLT 0800 hrs, be sure to notify your Recruiter you are there. First formation will be at 0830 on Saturday 21 January 2012 at the Morrisville armory in PT Uniform. Bring a hygiene kit for Personnal Hygiene time after PT, showers on the facility. Change over into issued brown t-shirt; jeans w/ belt or ACU's, if issued.


Be on grounds NLT 0800 hrs, first formation on Sunday will be at 0830 in PT uniform /training uniform issued brown t-shirt, jeans w/ belt or ACU's, if issued.


 Duty Uniform= ACU's. If you have not been issued ACU's you will wear long blue jeans (no patches, writing, holes, etc) tennis shoes, an issued brownT-shirt and a plain belt with your shirt tucked in.


STRIPES FOR SKILLS    Log onto https://smtclms.pec.mgb.army.mil/PH1/index.cfm  Select the RFP Stripes for Skills to take the exam, you will need your AKO username and password to log on, complete and print certificate. Pass AFPT and D&C at drill to get promoted to E2.


Call your Recruiter if you have any questions or transportation issues.